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1. Basic Function and Scope:Carries out a variety of technical and Operative duties related to the Shutdown  During preparation: Assisting shutdown coordinator in preparing shutdown documents and logistic, from planning. Mainly responsible to ensure full assistance on document preparations for shutdowns for all client’s assets including future expansion facilities expected to undergo any future shutdown within the site.During Execution: Working as Rover Operator inside the shutdown train, helping other Operators in preparation of equipment for safe hand over to maintenance 2.Tasks and Duties:During Pre-shutdown•    Assigned to arrange and carry out administrative and operative duties in Shutdown Division.•    Assigned to complete all pre-shutdown task such as nitrogen and cryogenic hoses laying and connections.•    To complete and ensure all the shutdown documents are ready before due date of shutdown and deliver to client’s assets. During Shutdown•    Assigned for equipment isolation and preparation for Maintenance.•    Assigned to follow up the repair & maintenance activity including PTW issuance.•    Assist and support operations for commissioning and startup of plant as they are competent Operators.   

Doha, Qatar